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Global Lifting Group welcomes our new preferred partner – Yoke Industrial Corp.

YOKE Industrial Corp was established in 1985 and has grown exponentially, since the business’ inception, to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lifting components and fittings for chain, wire rope and synthetic slings.

The welcome partnership with the Global Lifting Group will further strengthen YOKE’s footprint in the Australian market, particularly in the category of Grade 100 products. YOKE’s Grade 100 fittings and components are renowned, the world over, for their quality. This is driven by meticulous product development, verification and, eventually, certification.

The Global Lifting Group‘s market presence, extensive experience and strategically located member branch network ensures the best exposure for the YOKE brand in each region across Australia and Indonesia, all which are home to unique and demanding industries ideal for YOKE’s premium lifting and rigging products. This collaboration will ensure YOKE is able to continue developing solutions to meet the ever-changing industry requirements in Australia.

Get in touch with our lifting and rigging experts for a quotation on your Grade 100 requirements today!

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