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Global Lifting Group welcomes new partnership with SlingRakz Systems

We’ve teamed up with the SlingRakz team to offer customers safe handling and storage solutions for their lifting & rigging gear.

The team at SlingRakz Systems have been involved in the Lifting and Rigging Industry for many years, with over 70 years of combined experience with the design, supply, and servicing of lifting, rigging and materials handling products. In this time, they have identified that there is a need for better solutions for ORGANISING, STORING and HANDLING of lifting and rigging equipment and they are passionate about designing and manufacturing products that will meet this need and enhance their clients’ experience when handling or storing their equipment in the workplace.

Manufactured in Western Australia, SlingRakz’s product range currently consists of racking, storage, and safe handling product solutions. The range aims to minimise manual handling and physical lifting, allow for easier storage. The welcome partnership with the Global Lifting Group will establish SlingRakz footprint in the Australian market.

As well as the standard product offering, SlingRakz can also custom design and build racking, storage, and handling solutions to suit your unique requirements.

The Global Lifting Group‘s market presence, extensive experience and strategically located member branch network ensure the best exposure for the SlingRakz range in each region across Australia and Indonesia.

Get in touch with our lifting and rigging experts for a quotation on your lifting & rigging gear storage requirements today!

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Download SlingRakz Systems flyer.

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