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The Global Lifting Group are pleased to welcome their newest member, Mr Lift It.

Located in Chipping North in Sydney, Mr Lift It is a one-stop shop for all your business’ needs when it comes to lifting including repair, testing, asset reports, and management.
From humble beginnings having started out in the garage of a family home, the current owner Colin Chapman brings a wealth of experience to the group in lifting, rigging and hydraulics having been involved in the industry for 25 years.

Mr Lift It hold a number of accreditations for the service of various items of specialised lifting equipment, including:

Spanset – Qualified inertia reel technicians and height safety inspectors.
Tractel – Qualified technicians in the service of Tirak man riding hoists, Minifor winches as well as Blok stop overspeed safety devices.
Enerpac – Qualified service repair centre incorporating PLC controlled jacking systems.
GIS hoists – Qualified service centre electric chain hoists.
Powerclimber – Qualified technicians for Astro hoist man riding hoists
Skyclimber – Qualified technicians in Alpha man riding hoists and Skylock safety device.

The group looks forward to working with Mr Lift it and are excited about adding a member with such expertise in lifting, hydraulic and elevator industries.

Visit the Mr Lift It website or call (02) 9755 2225.

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